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What happens when a man eats period blood?

What Happens When a Man Eats Period Blood?

One of the common blood spells for love involves feeding period blood to a man. It can be a quite potent spell if it is done properly and according to instructions.

Menstrual blood has always been seen as a taboo, and back in the days women who were menstruating were always secluded and stopped from engaging in normal everyday activities. This is because the blood is believed to have special powers that control anything it touches.

Period blood was also used during archaic times for the treatment of some illnesses like rabies and gout. Its use right now, though, is centered on its mystical properties.

In Sicilian folk-lore, menstrual blood is seen as a very powerful aphrodisiac that drastically increases a man’s sexual desire. This is also the same in Hoodoo culture where it is regarded as a magical body fluid.

Blood itself is not a stranger in spells as it is a component of several quite potent magical spells. What makes period blood very effective in love spells is the fact that its source is basically the love chamber of a woman.

Since period blood also composes of dead egg cells, it is a very powerful sexual stimulant that can attract even the most resilient man.

What Menstrual Blood is Used for in Blood Spells

There are several important uses of menstrual blood in the mystical world. For starters, witches use period blood to harness passion, lust, love, fertility, and sexual desire. They also use it to draw signs and symbols for rituals, empower magical equipment, and make charms. It can also be used to create love potions and perfumes.

Some witches and magic healers also use menstrual blood for divination and prophetic readings. The main use, however, remains to create love charms that attract a man to woman.

Feeding Menstrual Blood to a Man

It is common practice for a woman looking to tie down her spouse to add her vaginal fluid to his food or drink. This makes the man to become infatuated with the woman. If the woman, however, wants to concoct a love spell that is almost unbreakable then making use of her menstrual blood is necessary.

One important rule to follow when feeding a man your period blood is to ensure that he remains oblivious to the content of the food. If the man figures out that he has eaten your menstrual blood, it basically neutralizes the effect of the spell.

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Three Other Love Spells that Make Use of Menstrual Blood

If you’ve have finally made up your mind to use your menstrual blood for a love spell, here are three different love spells you can give a try. The effectiveness of each spell depends on a variety of factors including the type of relationship, and the level of affection the target has for you.

Simple Menstrual Blood Love Spell Ritual

This is a simple ritual you can do in the comfort of your room and doesn’t require feeding your period blood to the target. This love spell is appropriate for a woman already in a relationship with the target of the spell.

The ingredients you need to carry out this spell includes a pen, a piece of paper, and a few drops of your menstrual blood.

To begin, you simply write the name of the target on a piece of paper as well as what you want the menstrual blood love spell to accomplish, you then collect a few drops of your menstrual blood and use it to create the diagram of a pentagram on the name of the target.

Love Spell Jar with Menstrual Blood

This is another love spell that is made from a woman’s period blood. Unlike the simple ritual discussed above, this spell makes use of a lot of materials that must be purchased personally by the would-be spell-caster.

The ingredients required to successfully concoct this spell include half of an apple, a carnation, three red roses, items that belong to the target, honey, a red candle, a glass container, and of course some quantity of your menstrual blood.

Add each of the other ingredients into the glass jar even as you think about the desires that you want to fulfill. Then seal the jar and place the red candle on it. Ignite the candle and stare into the flames as you murmur the name of the target. Finally, store the lit glass jar in a less accessible area of your room and leave it till the candle burns out.

Simple Candle Love Spell with Menstrual Blood

To perform this spell, you need a red candle and some quantity of your menstrual blood. Smear the candle with your menstrual blood and burn it until the goes out. You can also use a needle to draw the sign of a pentagram on the candle, though, that isn’t necessary.

To make this spell effective, you should write the target’s name on a piece of paper and place it in front of the candle as it burns.


Menstrual blood remains the most effective tool for a potent love spell. Remember, though, that it also has the tendency to make a man too docile, so you should be very careful when using it to enchant a man you fancy.

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