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7 Innovative Things Made from Waste Materials for a School Project

Many schools are now imbibing recycling habits into kids to a great level of success. So if you’ve got a kid in middle school or any of the higher and lower grades, they are probably learning a lot about recycling waste materials.

There are so many cool things you can make from everyday household items that are no longer useful and these innovative creations can be submitted as school projects. So if you’re on this boat and are looking for something awesome to craft from waste, whether for a school project or just for fun, then try any of these innovative ideas below.

  1. Bird House Made from Carton


Why waste money buying fancy bird cages for your winged pets, especially when most cages are made from wood. You can build a bird cage from leftover cartons in your home and present it for a school project.

Examples of cartons that can be used include milk cartons, cereal cartons, juice cartons, and cartons of household appliances.

The equipment you need for this innovative project includes glue, a sharp knife, brushes, book cover, and of course, paint for the bird house’s colorful design.

  1. Tin Can Chimes

Chimes are bell-like instruments that release melodious tunes when they are struck. They are often placed at the entrance of a home to alert occupants of a visitor’s arrival. Apart from that primary use, the tunes they create are also quite soothing to the ears.

If you have a lot of used tin cans in your home, instead of throwing them in the trash and making environmental issues worse, you can convert those tin cans into chimes and make your home more melodious.

This is also a fun option for a school project and will make your kid stand out from the crowd.

All you need to make a chime include tin cans, nails and hammers, washers, glitter, and of course, paint and paint brushes.

  1. Beautiful Wreath from Yogurt Cups

A wreath is indeed a very beautiful item that is used to decorate a wall. It helps improve the interior decor of a home. Getting an assortment of flowers, twigs, fruits, and leaves isn’t easy unless you have a garden you maintain; even then, it can be a pain in the neck to keep the wreath from withering.

With this in mind, you can always make a more environmental friendly wreath from a household item: yogurt cup. If you’ve got a lot of yogurt cups in your home that isn’t being put to use, you can combine them all to make an amazing wreath that will beautify your home.

This can also be an innovative school project for your kid, which can be used to decorate classrooms and school offices.

  1. Plastic Spoon Vase

With plastic being the biggest pollution culprit, any step that limits its waste is indeed a welcome development. Do you have countless numbers of plastic spoons from fast-food restaurants and take-out shops in your home? Don’t just throw them away yet. You can still transform them into a very useful item in the form of a vase.

All you need for this is a large can, plastic spoons, paper plates, scissors, glue, and acrylic paint.

  1. Photo Frame from Popsicle Stick


Are you looking to purchase a frame for your pictures so that you can hang them on your wall? Before doing that, you may want to consider using a much cheaper alternative: Popsicle sticks.

That is right; the remnant of that oddly designed sweet can be used to create frames for all your treasured pictures. Since most of the sticks are also brightly colored, your frames will certainly be alluring to the eyes, which will make your pictures more beautiful.

  1. Paper Cup Lights

Paper cups are definitely one waste material every home consistently encounters. Usually, people tend to just put them in a recycle bin. That, however, may not be enough if you want to really protect the environment from the hazards of excessive waste.

One innovative thing you can do with paper cups is to transform it into a light holder that can be used in house parties and basements.

The beautiful colors of the cups make the lighting much more unique, which creates an ambience that can’t be replicated any other way.

  1. Snow Globe Made from Mason Jar

Like the name pretty much suggests, you can transform that Mason jar into an incredible snow globe for your kid to stare at before he or she falls asleep. It is also an awesome idea for a school project. All you need for this innovation is a Mason jar, glue, glycerine, ornaments, paint, and of course, glitter.

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