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How to Breed Horses and the Different Horse Breeds in Minecraft

Horses are a valuable asset in Minecraft. They can be used to execute several tasks and are one of the most reliable ways to move around in the game. They can be found roaming around in the wild and can also be housed in a stable or within a fence.

There are about 35 varieties of horse breeds in Minecraft with each breed having a unique blend of color and pattern on its coat. Apart from traditional horses, you can also kick things up a notch by getting some bizarre horses like the skeletal horse and the zombie horse.

How to Get a Horse in Minecraft

As mentioned earlier, you can easily find a horse by just wandering through the Plains biome. If you aren’t getting any luck finding one, then you can always make use of a spawn egg…if you have one. Another option for you is to use this cheat that summons a horse.

If you find a horse in the Plains biome, though, there is a good to fair chance that the horse is wild. So what do you do? Well, you tame it of course…geez.

But first, how will you know that a horse is wild? When you try to mount a wild horse in the game, it will do exactly what wild horses do: buck wildly in order to throw you away. So, to have full control of a wild horse so that it can be bred, you must tame it first.

Taming a Wild Horse in Minecraft


All wild horse breeds in Minecraft can be tamed if you follow the simple steps that are shared below. Zombie horses and skeleton horses are, however, tamed when formed so you don’t have to worry about taming them.

To tame a wild horse in Minecraft, approach it with an empty hand and make an attempt to mount the animal. It will, of course, buck multiple times to throw you down. If you’re persistent, though, it eventually stops being aggressive and a couple of hearts appear around its head. The hearts indicate that the wild horse has been successfully tamed.

It is not smooth sailing yet even if you manage to tame a wild horse as it can go wild occasionally. Every horse has a temper value that can be between 0-100. When you mount a horse and start riding it, a temper value is assigned to the animal. If the temper value of a tamed horse suddenly increases by 5, well…it will resume its bucking motion and throw you to the ground.

Breeding Horses in Minecraft

To breed a horse in Minecraft you need any of the following three items:

Golden Apples

Golden Carrots

Enchanted Golden Apples

And 2 Horses

Steps to Breeding Horses


Find 2 horses in the Plains biome and tame them

Feed them with any of the food items listed above. You are to feed each horse one piece of the food item. When you’re doing this, several hearts begin to appear over the head of each animal. This means that the horse is entering love mode.

After both animals have been fed, the horses turn to each other and the red hearts continue to blossom until…the hearts suddenly disappear and a baby horse stands there beside both adult horses.

Different Horse Breeds in Minecraft


There are about 35 variants of horses in Minecraft .The main features that are used to differentiate the horses in this game are the colors of their coats as well as the pattern of the markings on their coats.

In terms of colors, you can get white, flaxen, buckskin, bay, chestnut, dark bay, dapple gray, and of course, black. For the markings, you can have no markings, stockings and blaze, snowflake appaloosa, paint, and sooty.

You can’t change the appearance of your horse once it has been tamed. This is one feature that differentiates the animal from ocelots and wolves. So, ensure that you settle on the appearance of your preferred horse when it is still roaming in the plains.

When all features are stripped away, the horses in Minecraft are pretty much the same horse. But with every color and pattern incorporated, the horses are divided into the following breeds: Appaloosa, American Paint Horse, Clydesdale Horse, Friesian Horse, Arabian Horse, and of course, the Quarter Horse.

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