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come back to me spells

5 Come Back to Me Spells that are Powerful

Come to me Spells

Come to me spells are among the most commonly used love spells. They are mostly used in relationships that are about to end, which is why they are also called come back to me spells.

Though break ups are pretty common in romantic relationships, most people dread them because of the negative impact they create. If you’ve tried everything possible but failed to stop your partner from quitting your relationship, then your only other option is to cast a “come back to me” spell on him or her.

Come to me spells have been proven to be very effective, though, some people often misuse it for seducing romantic interests. When you’re using these spells, you must ensure that your intent is genuine and that you have no ulterior motive.

So if you’ve finally decided to cast a come to me spell on your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, here are some factors you should consider first:

You must show faith in the spell and recite the chant with belief

You must be patient and fearless

The spell is more effective if it is repeatedly chanted

You must wear black attire during the ritual for chanting the love spell

Candles are a basic requirement for the ritual and they must be red in color because it is the basic symbol of love.


Love Spell with Hair

The hair love spell has been used since ancient times and it’s renowned as one of the most potent “come back to me” spells. It involves using a few strands of hair from the target of the spell. It is crucial that the target doesn’t know what you’re doing so you must devise a way to acquire the strands of hair without his or her knowledge.

The other things you need for the ritual include a few strands of your own hair, a plate, and a red candle.

How to cast a hair love spell

Timing is crucial when casting this type of love spell. With this in mind, the best time to cast a hair love spell is during sunset. This is the moment when psychic powers are at the strongest. You should also make use of an obscure room where you will be afforded some privacy.

To carry out a hair love spell, follow the procedure below:

Light the candle in a dark room and sit in front of it (the candle) with your legs crossed

Attach your hair strands and that of the target together, weaving it into a braid

Close your eyes and only think about being with the target…loving each other once again

Call out the name of the person you’re casting the spell on

Put the woven braid on a plate and light it on fire, then breathe in the smoke

After this, proceed to recite this chant:

Come to me “Target’s Name” and let our relationship blossom.

Repeat the ritual every week during sunrise and wait for results to show.

Photo Love Spell Chant

This is probably the simplest come to me spell to carry out since what you need is the photo of the person you want to cast a spell on.

How to cast a photo love spell chant

To cast this spell simply go to a dark quiet room and light a red candle. Place it on the floor and put the photo of the target in front. Then sit down and begin to meditate, focusing solely on amending your broken relationship.

Do this every week for at least a month and you’ll certainly see some positive results.

Daily Love Spell Chant

This is a spell you can cast on a daily basis until it finally performs what you seek. To cast this spell, simply take a personal item of the target, preferably one that he touches consistently. Meditate with the said item and recite the chant: “Come back to me, Target’s name”. Do this daily and watch the dying love between you and your spouse rekindle.

The Full Moon Love Letter Spell

It’s no longer news that magic spells work more effectively during a full moon. So this love spell is best done during the hours after midnight and before sunrise.

The items that are needed for this spell include rose petals, pink candles, a pen, an envelope and aromatic incense.

How to cast the full moon love letter spell

Take a relaxing bath and apply that perfume your spouse loves

Then burn the incense once you notice the full moon

Light the candle and meditate

Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down a love letter to your beloved, stating the challenges you’re both facing

Put the letter in an envelope along with some rose petals

Look at the moon ad recite the chant: With the power of the full moon I command “target’s name” to come back to me.

Magnetic Charm Spell

This spell is also quite easy to perform and is also relatively safe compared to the others.

What you need to perform this spell includes

A kitchen

Rosemary and cinnamon herbs

Aluminum foil

How to cast a magnetic charm spell

Rub the herbs on your hands to anoint them

Recite the chant: “With these herbs I cast this spell ad declare that “target’s name” will come back to me

Put the herbs in a piece of aluminum foil and seal them inside

Always have the sealed foil on your person


Come to me spells are definitely easy to cast, but they require sincerity, faith, and obedience to actually work. So ensure that you follow the guide above if you want to cast any of the listed spells.

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