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7 Sites like Easybib That Offer Free Online Bibliography and Citation

Citation and referencing are important parts of academic research writing as they ensure that you give credit to the owner of an idea that isn’t yours. Not doing this is considered to be dishonorable and can earn you a lawsuit for plagiarism.

This is why online referencing sites like Easybib are quite valuable to use. So if you’re in search of a free online citation and bibliography tool, well, this article contains 7 reliable alternatives to Easybib.


So here are 7 sites like Easybib you should give a try:

  1. BibMe

Along with Easybib, this is definitely the most used free online bibliography and citation tool. It definitely has the features needed to properly complete academic research work. You can use it to create citations and bibliographies in popular research formats like APA, MLA, Turabian and Chicago.


It is able to add references in 4 major formats

It contains a variety of sources you can use to add credence to your research paper including websites, journals, and books

It has a plagiarism checker that informs you if your research content contains someone else’s idea

It has a free version that is able to handle most of the task you’ll be performing.

  1. Citation Machine

If you want a free online citation tool with an easy-to-use interface, then this has got to be the best option for you. Like Bibme, it is also able to create references in the 4 major formats. Added to these 4 styles are over 7,000 citation formats for a variety of research fields.


It can create academic references in 4 major formats as well as 7,000 additional formats

The website contains valuable resources and guides on proper citation with the 4 major formats

It also has a plagiarism checker like Bibme and Easybib; though, you can only access that if you’re subscribed to the platform.

The tool is able to cite a variety of sources including magazines, books, journals, newspapers, and even movies.

  1. Citavi

This site is more of a multi-purpose platform that helps you carry out a whole lot of tasks apart from citation and bibliography. Citavi is also a good management tool that can be used for task management and the management of references.


This website doesn’t just create citations for your research work, it manages the importation, referencing, and exportation of sources. It also handles content management as well as the allocation of tasks to members of a research team.

Citavi has a Knowledge Organizer feature that allows you to efficiently organize your intellectual input in an efficient manner.

The platform is free if you’re only dealing with 100 references. Anything above that requires subscribing to any of the premium versions

  1. Citefast

One pertinent feature that makes this website a very reliable option is its simple interface, which is quite easy to navigate. It is also one of the few sites like Easybib that offer free referencing services.


It provides references and citations in 3 of the major formats, which are MLA, APA, and Chicago

It also has a good variety of citation sources including books, journals, webpages, newspapers, and of course, online videos. The sources are categorized into print and digital sources.

There is a comprehensive guide for all 3 citation formats used on the website.

Citefast is absolutely free and has no premium package.

  1. Docear

This is an open source academic literature management tool that also carries out bibliography and citation tasks for free. Whether you’re an eLearning content developer or just an academic looking to write a research paper, this is certainly a valuable tool for you.


It has a single-user interface that is basic and quite easy to use

The layout of the platform allows users to categorize annotations and organize documents

It has cross-platform compatibility and will work on Windows, Linux, and Mac Os

It is entirely free; though, the site does accept donations.

  1. Recipes4Success

Like all the other citation tools in this article, this website allows you to reference a vast range of sources for free. What makes it stand out, though, is that you can also reference peculiar sources like music pieces, sound effects, email messages, and even images.


It automatically formats all the typed citations

It has an interface that can be easily navigated and understood

It doesn’t have a premium package i.e., it is all free.

  1. OttoBib

This is another awesome free online bibliography and citation tool that is mostly used to cite and reference book sources.


It easily provides the ISBN numbers of book sources used as citations in a research report

It covers 6 major citation formats including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, BibTeX and Wikipedia

It has a Google Chrome extension that makes it possible for you to create a citation straight from your browser

It doesn’t require any subscription i.e., it is completely free.

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