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7 Pocket Pet Representative Species That are Fun Pets to Own

Pocket pets are animals that are so small that they can comfortably fit into your pocket. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all small animals belong to this category of pets; only tiny-sized mammals have been bestowed the honor of being called pocket pet representative species.

If you’re interested in getting a small pet that is pocket-sized, this article is definitely for you. If you want a small pet that is ideal for cuddling, you can read up on the best small pets for cuddling.

Without much further ado, here are 7 pocket pets that you’ll definitely love to own:

  1. Hamster


This lovely mammal is perhaps the standard used in defining pocket pets. It is not only small-sized, it is also one of the best low maintenance pets that like to cuddle. With a hamster, you pretty much don’t have to worry about food and shelter as the animal will eat basically anything and can live comfortably in a small enclosed space.

Another amazing quality of a hamster that makes it thrive as a pet is its ability to live in isolation. So you don’t have to worry about getting a companion for your pet as it can survive on its own.

A hamster also seldom gets sick so you won’t spend much on vet fees. You do have to keep its cage clean, though, so that its hygiene status positively impacts its health.

  1. Gerbil


If you want a more exotic pocket pet, then this is definitely the best option for you. The gerbil is a tiny mammal that looks like a merge between a mouse and a hamster. Unlike the hamster, which is comfortable in an enclosed habitat, this furry little cutey prefers a more open space. So it may not be an ideal pet for an apartment.

The gerbil is also an explorer that loves to move about. Its tail is quite delicate so you have to be careful when handling it. If you have a kid who doesn’t quite fancy a hamster, then a gerbil is most certainly the next best thing.

  1. Mouse

If the pet shop near you doesn’t have any of the above-listed pocket pets, you can always settle for another common furry mammal, a mouse. Apart from being an annoying pest that terrorizes your home or a lab specimen that is used for experiments, a mouse can also be an awesome pet to own.

It is not only a low maintenance animal, but also an adorable-looking mammal. Like a hamster, you can keep your mouse pet in an enclosed space like a cage. You must, however, clean the animal and its cage regularly as the tiny mammal is known to carry some disease-causing germs that can be easily transferred to humans.

  1. Rat

This isn’t referring to the scary looking creatures that scavenge garbage bags for their meals. Those can’t be taken as pets. Not only are they hideous, they also harbor lots of germs that cause horrible diseases.

There are fancy rats, though, that are clean and hygienic enough to be brought home as pets. These rats are less-destructive and quite comfortable in enclosed spaces.

So if you’re looking for an affordable pocket pet that won’t be much of a burden, then this is definitely an option for you.

  1. Chinchillas


This is perhaps the most adorable mammal that belongs to the category of pocket pet representative species. It is not only low maintenance but also a cuddly little pet. If you want an exotic pet that you can easily carry around with you, then this is one animal to consider.

One important thing to note about this pet, though, is that it’s a nocturnal animal. So, it may not be ideal for you depending on your work schedule. It also requires a lot more care compared to the other pocket pets on this list.

  1. Guinea Pig


While this is a quite bigger pet than the other mammals discussed so far, it is still comfortably categorized as a pocket pet. Apart from being a chubbier version of the hamster, the guinea pig doesn’t really have much in common with its smaller relative.

For starters, it doesn’t like being in an enclosed space and prefers to wander around in a lush green environment. This makes it not suitable for an apartment.

The guinea pig also doesn’t thrive in isolation so you will have to get your pet a companion or even more.

  1. Common Degu


Originally found in the South American country, Chile, this exotic mammal is one of the best pocket pets you can get. The main characteristic of this bubbly animal that makes it an ideal pet to own is its diurnal nature. This means that the animal is most active during the day and dormant at night.

The common degu loves to chew a lot, so you must ensure that it isn’t set free in your home as it can damage items with soft texture. Its cage must also be made of metal to prevent it from chewing its way out.

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